Space Engineers Calculator thruster update

Happy New Year!

I’m working on a thruster panel which will help players determine if their ship will fly or crash. The UI is coming together and the main calculations are working. I just need to add some error checking.

Here’s a picture of what the panel currently looks like.


Some things have come up while creating this new panel. Keen’s new textures are using Dirextx 11 BC7 texture compression and I can’t find a really good way to convert it on the fly anymore. So I ended up building a tool to convert all the textures to png files and I’ll be packing them like that for now on.

Broken textures…

I also hit some limits on the model I’ve been using to store the blocks. Originally I just needed to know what components they needed but now I want to know additional details. Like if they have thruster specific variables or if the block requires power. I ended up redesigning how all the data is stored. This will allow me to pre-populate the mass on the thruster panel and provide all the forces for each thruster type.

After the thruster panel is released I’ll be looking at doing a power panel which will provide details on how much power your grid needs to operate.


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