School of FISH

School of FISH was my submission for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1. The theme was “Stronger Together“. I’m pretty happy with the result but as always I wish I had more time to add more things. I wasted a bunch of time trying to use a shader to animate the fish but I couldn’t get […]


I joined this week long jam with 2 days left. These were week days so I only had 6 hours both nights. It was a challenge but it really kept me focused and pushing forward. The theme was “LESS is MORE”. In my game when any ship was damaged it would fire more powerful bullets. […]

Monster House

Last Halloween (2020) one of my kids wanted help making a scary game. This wasn’t a jam submission and took a few months but we were both pleased with the result. My son took the lead on design. The main theme is about a monster chasing the player through a house and the player must […]