Space Engineers Calculator Update

Sorry for the delay, I have a few projects underway and sometimes its hard to find time to work on all of them.

My Space Engineers Calculator is almost done! I’m currently running an alpha test but I’ll be releasing it soon on Android.

Below are a few animated gifs of the app in action.

This image shows the initial loading screen and the user adding a few blocks to their build list.

Users can load blueprints from Space Engineers. The blueprint file must be shared online or copied locally to the device.

All of the data is a direct copy of what is in Space Engineers. This makes updating the application really easy and allows me to use the translation files.



I’m starting to look at a few features that I would like to add post launch like saving build lists, and the ability to load modded blocks.




14 thoughts on “Space Engineers Calculator Update

  1. Hi, was looking for a tool like this and like the way how you did it. However I am struggeling a bit to make use of the Blueprints. How do I get them and how do I load them into the calculator.
    I found a BP from Steamworkshop and found it on my local drive. Uploaded that 14MB file to Google Drive and used the ‘Link’-share option. But SPC can not download it from there or its to big……..

    However I could also load it directly on my phone, but even when it is on my phone I can not make it work… So probably I am doing something wrong.
    Could you give me some tips to get it work?

    kind regards,


    1. Hi Andreas,

      Could you try this one and see if it works for you? its one of the ships I used for testing.

      Google doesn’t like to provide direct links to files. Try using this: to convert the shared link to a direct download link for your ship. Could you provide a shared link to the ship so that I can give it a try? You can email it if thats better for you.



      1. Hi Jason,

        beats me… that one works…..
        Checked it with the converter, that one provided a link which the tool can use.
        Wow… awesome. I am really glad that your calculator works like a charm now. It makes it so much easier. Now you have a handy tool and get a clear idea on how much items you need to assemble.

        Thanks a lot.

        kind regards,

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  2. well i had the same problem XD, maybe 1 day trying solve this problem, you could update a FAQ or “help” in app, just with this is written here. Probably there are more people with this problem.


    1. Good point. The problem is I only use the text content from Space Engineers so that I can reuse their translations. If I started adding my own help text it’ll only be available in English. I guess that would still help a lot of people.


      1. I’m from Spain, and could be nice if a found that info in app, I was reading keen software forums in Google market and I don’t know how I end here XD. Or maybe show this blog with a link in the app, something like contact… Well I never build and app by the way, you know how do things hehe. Thanks and nice app!!


      2. I’m going to look into adding a support panel to the main drop down navigation. Then I’ll see what I can fit in there.Helpful links would be good. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Greetings from Canada!


  3. When attempting to use the share link generated from my google drive, it gives me this error:

    The ‘meta’ start tag on line 8 position 4 does not match the end tag of ‘head’. Line 1257, position 5.

    I tried following the link converter you posted earlier too but that gets me a 404 error. What am I doing wrong?


  4. Don’t mean to double post, but while trying to troubleshoot I made sure to enable “share with anyone that has link”, which probably would have stopped any download attempts otherwise. Now the error has changed to:

    An error occured while parsing EntityName. Line 29, position 150.


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