Capybara 1000

Capybara 10000 was a jam game I created for the Buddy Up Spring 2022 jam. I joined after the teams were already formed so rather than trying to find a team I decided to just do the jam by myself. It kind of defeats the purpose of this type of jam but there’s no rule […]

See No Evil

I just finished up Buddy Up Winter Jam and had my eye on Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 which was starting on the same weekend. I wasn’t sure if I could do another jam right after but thankfully my buddy Ken asked if I wanted to join him and his crew to make a game. Our […]

King Rhino’s Sumo Smackdown

Buddy Up Jam is a quarterly run jam that focuses on collaboration and teaming up with others. The jam coordinators provide a form for each participant to fill out with their experience and roles they wish to fill on a team. A week before the jam starts the coordinators create the teams. I usually work […]