Brackeys Jam 2020.2

One month ago I participated in a 1 week game jam… again. I was hesitant to try another 1 week jam but my friend Ken said he was going to do it so we teamed up together. This time the theme was “REWIND”. After we brainstormed we decided to create a game about a space […]

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1

Last January I decided to try a 1 week game jam. I never tried a 1 week jam before and it was rough. The theme of the jam was “holes”. Introducing Prairie Dog Simulator My plan was to create a game where the player can only create holes and spawn more prairie dogs. The prairie […]

Space Engineers Calculator 2019 Part 2

Mod.IO Update Early this summer I received a few emails requesting Mod.IO integration. I finally got around to adding it in and I’m really happy with the results. Users can now search Mod.IO and load blueprints straight into the app. I wanted to reuse the blueprint loader code but it wasn’t generic enough so I […]