Happy Clicks

The See No Evil team is back at it again! We participated in the GameDev.tv game jam. The theme was: “Death is only the beginning”. We had a shaky start. During the first weekend of the jam. A large storm blew through our city which severed power for many residence including our team. Link to […]

Capybara 1000

Capybara 10000 was a jam game I created for the Buddy Up Spring 2022 jam. I joined after the teams were already formed so rather than trying to find a team I decided to just do the jam by myself. It kind of defeats the purpose of this type of jam but there’s no rule […]

See No Evil

I just finished up Buddy Up Winter Jam and had my eye on Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1 which was starting on the same weekend. I wasn’t sure if I could do another jam right after but thankfully my buddy Ken asked if I wanted to join him and his crew to make a game. Our […]

King Rhino’s Sumo Smackdown

Buddy Up Jam is a quarterly run jam that focuses on collaboration and teaming up with others. The jam coordinators provide a form for each participant to fill out with their experience and roles they wish to fill on a team. A week before the jam starts the coordinators create the teams. I usually work […]


BULL was my submission for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 the theme was “Let there be chaos”. The theme sounds cool but in reality its quite difficult to think of a game that uniquely demonstrates chaos. I bounced some ideas off of my friends and spent the first day doing a few mini prototypes. The […]

School of FISH

School of FISH was my submission for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1. The theme was “Stronger Together“. I’m pretty happy with the result but as always I wish I had more time to add more things. I wasted a bunch of time trying to use a shader to animate the fish but I couldn’t get […]


I joined this week long jam with 2 days left. These were week days so I only had 6 hours both nights. It was a challenge but it really kept me focused and pushing forward. The theme was “LESS is MORE”. In my game when any ship was damaged it would fire more powerful bullets. […]

Monster House

Last Halloween (2020) one of my kids wanted help making a scary game. This wasn’t a jam submission and took a few months but we were both pleased with the result. My son took the lead on design. The main theme is about a monster chasing the player through a house and the player must […]

Brackeys Jam 2020.2

One month ago I participated in a 1 week game jam… again. I was hesitant to try another 1 week jam but my friend Ken said he was going to do it so we teamed up together. This time the theme was “REWIND”. After we brainstormed we decided to create a game about a space […]