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Welcome to the help page for the Space Engineers Calculator. Each section below describes a screen in the application.

Navigation Tip: The back button of your mobile device will go back to the previous screen in the app.

Items Panel


The Items Panel is used for selecting a block to add to your build list (workshop). Blocks are grouped by categories. The search feature allows you to filter the current list by block name. Pressing a block row in the list will make it the selected block.

The selected block is displayed at the bottom of this panel. Pressing the “+” button will add the block to your build list and the “-” button will remove that block from the build list. The input field with the number 1 allows you to add more than one of the selected blocks at a time by changing that number. The “x 0” label to the right displays how many of this block type is already in your build list.


The “Remove Selected (0)” button removes everything from the build list. The number depicts the total number of blocks in your build list.

Workshop Panel


The Workshop Panel is used to calculate the amount of items and resources you’ll need to build all the blocks that are part of your build list. The top table has 4 rows which are Blocks, Components, Ingots, and Ore. Selecting one of these rows populates the bottom table with a break down.

Save Panel

SaveLoadViewThe Save Panel allows you to save and load your build lists.

Blueprint Panel

BluePrintViewThe Blueprint Panel lets you load blueprints from the game into the app.

My original intent was to load them from Steam but Steam doesn’t allow 3rd party applications to download files from the workshop.

To use the blueprint screen you need to host the blueprint file somewhere like Google Drive and then copy the link in the app. It’s not as seamless as I would like but if you have a huge ship, this beats having to select all the pieces. See below for a step by step on how this works.


Loading a local file:

  1. Go to the blueprint directory: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Blueprints
  2. Copy the file onto your mobile device. The default save location will be the download directory.
    1. You can email it as an attachment and download it onto your phone.
    2. Or you can connect your phone to your computer and copy the file.
  3. Now that the file is on your mobile device we need to figure out the path to the file so we can load it in the app. On my phone I found the file in “/storage/emulated/0/Download/filename.sbc” but it might be different so if that doesn’t work continue to the next step.
  4. Use a file explorer program to view the file location. In this example I’ll be using Total commander which is a free program from the Play Store.
    1. Open Total Commander and click on the “Downloaded files” shortcut.
    2. From here you should be able to see your file and the path to the file.
      Copy this into the Space Engineers Calculator blueprint panel and click on load.
      If the file was loaded correctly you Should see the total number of blocks loaded and if it failed the app will show an error like: “Error: 404 Not Found“. Chances are the path has a typo.

Loading file by URL:

  1. Go to the blueprint directory: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Blueprints
  2. Copy the blueprint you want to view in the app to a hosted environment like Google Drive or any other service which will give a direct download link.
    2.1 If you use Google Drive, Google doesn’t like to provide direct links to files. Try using this: to convert the shared link to a direct download link for your ship.
  3. Copy the link of the shared file into the blueprint URL input box in the app and hit the load button.

This is one of my blueprints you can try out in the app. Just copy and paste this into the URL field:
AllBlocks as of 01/01/2020:

Older blueprint:

Thrusters Panel


The Thrusters Panel calculates the amount of thrust your ship needs to break from the gravitational pull of a planet.

When navigating to the Thruster panel the Mass and Thruster fields may have values by default. These are calculated by the blocks in your build list. These fields can be set manually as well. The Current Altitude slider is used to recalculate from that altitude. The “LIFT” image will change to a “No Lift” when your ship’s thrusters cannot beat the gravitational pull.

Mass and inventory size can change based on your game’s world settings. To keep the mass calculations accurate, you can modify the world settings from the settings panel.

Power Panel


The Power Panel calculates the amount of power your ship systems require. When navigating to the Power panel the Power Usage and Reactor/Battery fields may have values by default. These are calculated by the blocks in your build list. The reactor fields can be set manually but the power usage must be set by adding more power consuming blocks to your build list like refineries.

The square button at the top right toggles the ship size from large to small. The red/green bar displays the amount of power used (RED) compared to the amount of total power (GREEN).

The “Items Panel” button allows you to navigate back to the Item panel.

Edit Settings Panel

SettingsViewThe Edit Settings Panel is used to selected your language and to manage the resetting of data.

Language – The selection of languages and all translations were taken from the game.

Help Panel


Chances are the Help Panel brought you here. There’s not much to say on this one. The first button takes you to this page. The second button will open your email client to send me an email.

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Feel free to email me or leave a message if you have any additional questions.

– Jason