Capybara 1000

Capybara 10000 was a jam game I created for the Buddy Up Spring 2022 jam. I joined after the teams were already formed so rather than trying to find a team I decided to just do the jam by myself. It kind of defeats the purpose of this type of jam but there’s no rule against teams of 1.

I’ve had an idea about doing a bench pressing game for a while and decided the theme of this jam which was “1000” would fit it. Basically the player would need to bench press 1000 pounds.

At some point I decided the main player would be an animal. Since my wife loves capybaras I choose that to be it. Its a funny cute little game. I heard some people have issues with the camera controls spinning (maybe in fire fox) but other than that its pretty solid.

I was pretty happy to find out I ranked 4 out of 42 entries overall and ranked #1 most original.

This game will run in your browser. You can play it here:
Jam link:


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