King Rhino’s Sumo Smackdown

Buddy Up Jam is a quarterly run jam that focuses on collaboration and teaming up with others. The jam coordinators provide a form for each participant to fill out with their experience and roles they wish to fill on a team. A week before the jam starts the coordinators create the teams.

I usually work by myself but I thought it would be interesting to join a random team and see what that’s like.

Our team had 6 team members including myself but one of our artists never showed up. Our team lineup looked like this:
Art – Khatiti
Audio – Poltergeisha
Code – Lili and Thrif_Ash (Me!)
Narrative – Gus
We had some veterans and some first timers. It was a good mix. That said we probably bit off more than we could chew…

The game is a sumo wrestling game. The actual combat is confusing and hard to play but it has a lot of character and was fun to work on. Everyone did a great job but I think the best part of the game was the music. Poltergeisha did a great job coming up with our music.

This game will run in your browser. You can play it here:
Jam link:


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