Space Engineers Calculator 2019 Part 2

Mod.IO Update

Early this summer I received a few emails requesting Mod.IO integration. I finally got around to adding it in and I’m really happy with the results. Users can now search Mod.IO and load blueprints straight into the app. I wanted to reuse the blueprint loader code but it wasn’t generic enough so I decided to rewrite blueprint loader to be more versatile. The UI is now a modal which guides the user through loading the blueprint.

Adding blocks from blueprint
Loading blueprint

Build process updated

I try to update the calculator every time Keen adds blocks to Space Engineers. The hybrid manual/automated process for updating the application was getting tedious. I wanted to automate more of the steps. 

So I streamlined my process by creating the SpaceEngineersContentFlipper. All I need to do is point it at my Space Engineers install location and it does the rest. 

  1. Convert Textures to png files
  2. Copy all related data files
  3. Convert consolidated split data files. (Something they started doing with the economy update)


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