Stop Motion Game Jam 2018

Whoops, this post is a month late. In May I completed my second game jam. The theme this time was stop motion animation. I like Wallace and Gromit so I decided to use clay for my characters. I opted for a traditional stop motion animation technique which involved using a camera to take pictures each time I re-positioned the clay models. After taking the photos, I masked out the model from the images and created sprites out of them.

Clay workbench

In my game, the player is a “Men in Black” agent. The mission is to eliminate aggressive aliens who have crash-landed on our planet.

Early test of my clay animation and light shader.

The animation process was brutal. The clay kept sagging and my attempt of a green screen was laughable. I spent a few nights masking characters out into sprites.

My poor attempt of a green screen.

I’m glad I did it. It feels good to complete something and I always find I pick up some new skills too.

My game is playable in web browser or as a Windows download.
Here’s a link to my submission:
and here’s a link to the game jam:

– Jason



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