Space Engineers – Power Panel

Just released the final panel for Space Engineers Calculator. This panel will help players calculate the amount of power they need for their ship. Like the thruster panel it is integrated with the build list so anything added from the item list will be part of the power draw calculation if it requires power to […]


Space Engineers Calculator thruster update

Happy New Year! I’m working on a thruster panel which will help players determine if their ship will fly or crash. The UI is coming together and the main calculations are working. I just need to add some error checking. Here’s a picture of what the panel currently looks like. Some things have come up while creating […]

Space Engineers Calculator Update

Sorry for the delay, I have a few projects underway and sometimes its hard to find time to work on all of them. My Space Engineers Calculator is almost done! I’m currently running an alpha test but I’ll be releasing it soon on Android. Below are a few animated gifs of the app in action. This image shows […]

First Game Jam Completed

I just completed my first game jam with a co-worker (Patrick Lesage), he did some awesome art and animation. The challenge was that the game had to be within 64 x 64 resolution but even with that limitation I think it looks pretty good. I also want to thank my other co-worker (Dan Wallace) for stepping up and […]