Monster House

Last Halloween (2020) one of my kids wanted help making a scary game. This wasn’t a jam submission and took a few months but we were both pleased with the result. My son took the lead on design. The main theme is about a monster chasing the player through a house and the player must […]


Brackeys Jam 2020.2

One month ago I participated in a 1 week game jam… again. I was hesitant to try another 1 week jam but my friend Ken said he was going to do it so we teamed up together. This time the theme was “REWIND”. After we brainstormed we decided to create a game about a space […]

Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1

Last January I decided to try a 1 week game jam. I never tried a 1 week jam before and it was rough. The theme of the jam was “holes”. Introducing Prairie Dog Simulator My plan was to create a game where the player can only create holes and spawn more prairie dogs. The prairie […]

Space Engineers Calculator 2019 Part 2

Mod.IO Update Early this summer I received a few emails requesting Mod.IO integration. I finally got around to adding it in and I’m really happy with the results. Users can now search Mod.IO and load blueprints straight into the app. I wanted to reuse the blueprint loader code but it wasn’t generic enough so I […]

Space Calculator 2019

A few months ago, I started working on a new version of my calculator. My goal is to modernize the UI and improve performance. I still have a lot of work before I can release it but I thought I would show what I have so far.              The item list […]

Dropping The Puck Part 2

I’m making more progress on my air hockey game. It’s taking longer than expected but I thought I would give an update. There’s been a lot of work done and plenty more to go. Movement Upgrade The movement system for players and AI has been totally revamped. Previously, paddles would move directly to a position but […]

Stop Motion Game Jam 2018

Whoops, this post is a month late. In May I completed my second game jam. The theme this time was stop motion animation. I like Wallace and Gromit so I decided to use clay for my characters. I opted for a traditional stop motion animation technique which involved using a camera to take pictures each […]

Optimizing Unity UI

This video has some excellent tips and it helped me make some simple optimizations to my UI in Space Engineers Calculator. The short story: I added sub-canvases and replaced Unity’s vertical layout group with my own implementation. The long story: My application consists of mostly Unity UI. Most of the application runs reasonably well except […]